The Right Questions

I like to ask questions, sometimes to the dismay of my co-workers. I also like to have information as I make decisions, and questions help me secure the needed information.

Asking questions is another way of evaluating—something we should continually be doing. While we often evaluate at the completion of an event, the beginning of the church year is another great time to do so. Let’s Connect the Dots by asking the following questions:

Discover New Members

  • Does your congregation have members who need to be involved in missions discipleship but are not? Do they know that? 
  • What are the ways you promote WMU in your church? Would people unfamiliar with WMU know who could attend each of the WMU missions opportunities? Or when and where the opportunities are? Why they should attend?

Organize Groups

  • Do you need to add more WMU groups in your church? Evaluate when and where missions discipleship could happen.
  • Are you making sure preschoolers, children, and youth are making the transition to their next age-level organization? Do you need to start another group to make sure that is happening?

Teach Churches

Sometimes we are so focused on what is happening in our own church that we don’t see the big picture. Look around your community.

  • Are there churches in your area that do not offer missions discipleship for children and adults?
  • How can you assist them?
  • What would best help them? Could you invite members from their church to participate in your missions organizations and activities or help them start their own missions organizations? Maybe a combination of both would help. And it is very likely that the excitement of introducing new folks to WMU will be a boost to your groups.

Spotlight Entry Points

This is a place to let your creativity shine—you just need to ask the right questions!

  • Are you offering opportunities for individuals, families, and groups to be involved locally, nationally, and globally? Remember you can have a global impact right where you are through prayer partnerships with international missionaries and providing needed ministry items to them and through ministries such as WorldCrafts and Pure Water, Pure Love.
  • Have you surveyed your congregation to see what missions/ministry interests your congregation has? You may find a common interest such as prison ministry or a common gift such as sewing around which you can form a new group.

People like to be involved in organizations that have a purpose, that carry out that purpose, and whose members are committed to that purpose. Then you will be excited to hear new members asking these questions: “What can I do?” “How can I lead?” “Don’t you want to come with me?” Those may be the best questions!

Laurie Register, executive director, South Carolina WMU, has served as church WMU director, Acteens leader, and GA leader, and as associational Acteens leader.

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