On Mission: Here and Now in North America

Each year, your gifts to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering help support more than 5,000 missionaries and more than 3,800 chaplains throughout the United States and Canada who are sharing the gospel in some very tough places.

This year’s theme is On Mission: Here and Now. For North American missionaries, “here and now” is their missions field. For each of us, “here and now” is a challenge to live a missional life wherever God has planted us.

This year’s official date for the Week of Prayer and Mission Study for North American Missions is March 4–11. However, the prayer guide and other materials are not dated, so your church can choose any week during the Easter season to participate.

Promote the offering and the week of prayer this year by using the promotion ideas guide or one of these suggestions:

Mile Marker Prayers

Travis and Jennifer Whittaker planted Mile City Church near Detroit in 2015. Only 10.4% of Detroit’s population is evangelical. The church takes its name from the mile-focused grid system in Detroit, but mile markers are common sights along highways everywhere.

During the week of prayer, encourage church members to pray each time they see a mile marker. Pray for Mile City Church and churches in your community to thrive as they share the gospel with the lost. Pray for souls to be saved when people hear about Jesus.

Lookout Jar

Trent and Elizabeth DeLoach serve among refugee populations in Clarkston, Georgia, where nearly 2,000 refugees settle each year. Clarkston is very diverse, but increasingly, so are cities and towns across North America.

Help children become more aware of the presence of immigrants and refugees in your community. Encourage them to listen for accents and look for people who dress differently. Visit an ethnic restaurant and talk about the different tastes and smells. Read books that feature characters of a different culture. For each multicultural moment, place a dollar (or 2 or 3) into your “Lookout Jar” for the offering and pray for the individuals and communities you’ve noticed for the first time.

Paint for Missions

In New York City, only 4% of residents identify as evangelical. Taylor and Susan Field have served in the city for 40 years. With other members of Graffiti Church, the Fields actively seek out relationships with people in their neighborhood.

Host a painting night fundraiser. Find a local artist to help or plan your own design. Display the artwork during the week of prayer and auction off the canvases, giving the proceeds to the offering. Or set up a graffiti wall in your church. Make a large canvas by stretching and stapling duck cloth over a wooden pallet. Use a gesso primer to prepare the surface for painting, and then offer the opportunity to paint for a donation to the offering.

This year’s national goal for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is $70 million. With your help, we can reach and exceed that goal and show the love of Jesus “with truth and action” (1 John 3:18 HCSB).

Carrie Brown McWhorter writes for Missions Mosaic, The Alabama Baptist newspaper, and Word & Way magazine. She leads missions education and small groups at her church in Alabama.

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