5 Reasons I Am Thankful for My WMU Leadership Team

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November is a time we think about being thankful. Perhaps your WMU leadership team is not on the typical Thanksgiving list this time of year, but this is a good time to be reminded of our need to be thankful for this vital team. Let me share why I am thankful.

  1. My WMU leadership team shares my passion for WMU. I don’t have to explain to my team members why WMU matters. They get it. They understand that what we do to teach and involve people in missions now will have an impact for years to come. They appreciate WMU as a way to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission.
  2. My WMU leadership team prays. When team members post pictures on social media of the prayer calendar and people they are praying for, I know that they are praying daily for missions. They pray for me and our work together. They pray for missions in their churches and in our association. They pray for WMU in our state and nationally.
  3. My WMU leadership team gives generously of its funds, time, and energy for missions. Team members support missions offerings and urge others to give too. They go on mission trips at their own expense, giving vacation days and weekends for missions. They buy supplies for ministry and collect items needed by others.
  4. My WMU leadership team helps carry the load of planning and doing missions. Effective missions is not a one-person show. Rather, by praying and seeking God’s vision together, we find greater excitement and enthusiasm for missions. I love to brainstorm with my team and see how God leads us to a plan that I probably would have never come up with on my own. The shared process draws us closer together, and carrying out the plans is immensely rewarding.
  5. My WMU leadership team mentors and influences others. It is neat to watch how team members invite others to be part of what we are doing. Many who join in one activity are ready to come again. Over time, they become regular participants and even leaders. What a wonderful experience to see someone blossom in the area of missions all because someone saw her potential.

These are just 5 reasons I am thankful. There are many more!

Think about your WMU leadership team. Give thanks for the many ways your team members bless you and serve with you. Pray for each of them by name and for the responsibilities they have taken on for WMU. Bless them by sending each one a Thanksgiving card and sharing why you are grateful. Receiving an unexpected personal note will mean a great deal to your team members.

Joy Bolton recently retired as executive director of Kentucky WMU and now serves as WMU churchwide and associational lead strategist for national WMU.

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