Prepare Students for a Postmodern Culture

As you work with students, you are inevitably facing attitudes and actions from them that are being formed through culture—the shows they watch, the music they listen to, and the people they follow on social media. So how do you equip students to live with a Christian worldview and be the light of Christ in their post-Christian/postmodern lives?

We’ve all heard the popular Christian phrase reminding us that we are to “be in the world, not of the world.” This phrase comes from Jesus’ prayer in John 17, where the night before His crucifixion, He prays for His disciples, sending them out to make disciples and asking God to protect them from the evil one because they “are not of the world.” This is a perfect framework for teaching students to live sent for Christ, helping them see how they can be a part of culture without owning the culture. Here are a few tips to guide you:

  • One of the defining tenants of postmodernism is that all truth is relative and that the definer of truth is each individual. Scripture shows us the ultimate Definer of truth is God. Help students learn to love the Word of God and use it as their guide to truth. 
  • Stories hold a high value for postmodernists. So much as Jesus did, use stories to teach students truth—use examples that are personal and relatable. 
  • Help students build their world around fellowship with believers and the church. This strengthens and encourages them to live for Christ. But because we are called to live sent, friendship with non-Christians is a must as well, so encourage students to build relationships with non-Christians at school and in the community. 
  • Because most of the “information” students receive from day-to-day isn’t directing them to Christ, use every opportunity you have to speak into their lives in ways that point them to Christ. 
  • Help students build a set of values, not just a “to-do” and “not to-do” list. 
  • Relationships, relationships, relationships—invest personal time, energy, and resources into students. This gives you the best chance to speak love and truth into their lives.

Christy Dyer is a North American Mission Board church-planting team member serving through missions engagement and mobilization in New York City. 






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