Send out the Missions Volunteers

Your missions team has prayed and is ready to go. Now it’s time to figure out how to get them there. The more folks involved in sending, the more will also be praying and feeling they are a vital part of the kingdom work God has planned for the team. Many hands also make for easier—and quicker—work.

Consider these ideas to spur your church on in its sending efforts:

Bake and Serve Silent Auction

As the WMU director, solicit donations from church members: plates of cookies, loaves of bread, or gift certificates for a pan of lasagna or a homemade meal. Consider asking for services to be donated as well: 2 hours of leaf raking, 3 hours of housework, or 4 hours of babysitting.

Carryout Dinner

Sell tickets for a barbecued chicken dinner. Ask members of adult missions organizations to gather at the church kitchen early in the day to prepare chicken, baked beans, potato salad, and rolls. Set up an assembly line to fill carryout boxes, and deliver to vehicles as folks drive by to pick up. Recruit students to direct traffic in the parking lot.

Missions Books for Bucks

Encourage students going on mission to read biographies of missionaries and then make a short oral presentation at missions organization meetings or write a 1-page paper. Ask organization members to make a donation for each book read. (Check with your church librarian to be sure biographies are available.)

Baptist Bazaar

Host a rummage and bake sale in your church gym or fellowship hall. Invite individuals and groups to reserve a table by making a $25 donation to the missions trip fund. Ask members of adult and student missions organizations to sell hot dogs, drinks, and popcorn.

Parents’ Night Out

Host a Friday night babysitting event at the church. Provide child care, snacks, and games for the children. Encourage parents to make a voluntary contribution to the church missions trip fund.

Churchwide Coffee House

Enlist individuals and groups to prepare 15–20-minute music sets. Schedule these to be presented during an evening from 6–8 p.m. Ask missions organization members to provide homemade desserts and coffee. Leave a basket for donations at each table.

Creating opportunities to raise funds by serving together creates opportunities for relationships to be strengthened and church members to love on each other and makes team members see and feel sacrifices being made so they can go. Everyone who prays and everyone who sends is part of the going.


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