Report More than Numbers

I like the number 3. In fact, I like it so much that when my husband asked me to marry him, I asked him for 3 good reasons why I should. Fortunately he had 3 good reasons and we’ve been happily married 33 years. We also are the parents of 3 children.

Did I mention I like the number 3? Therefore I’m going to give you 3 good reasons why reporting what your WMU has accomplished in the past year is important. Notice I said what, not how many. While it’s certainly OK to tell how many people were involved, reporting is more than that. It’s sharing the stories of what your WMU did and how lives were changed as a result.

Let’s enthusiastically report to our churches what has been accomplished through WMU this past year for 3 good reasons.

First, when we report what our WMU accomplished, we celebrate the activity of God. We praise Him for what He is doing through our missions organizations. It is vitally important that we thank Him for what He’s done. Was there a missions project that resulted in souls saved? How was a member’s life changed by being involved? How did God provide for a missions team as they shared His love to an unreached people? Acknowledge God’s accomplishments by reporting them.

Second, when we recall the accomplishments of the past year, it helps us to see where we need to go in the coming year. Perhaps a missions project went so well that it needs to be continued. Another missions project might need to be adjusted to better meet needs. Did a missions trip open the door to another opportunity? Based on what your WMU did last year, what do you need to do in the coming year? Let the report help you cast your vision.

Third, when we tell the stories and report what God is doing through WMU, people get excited about missions. Those who have not been involved in the past now find they, too, want to learn about missionaries, participate in missions projects, go on missions trips, etc. They want to experience firsthand the things they’ve been hearing.

Done right, reporting highlights what has been accomplished, helps establish a vision for the future, and breeds enthusiasm/interest in WMU, ensuring a strong and healthy WMU for many years to come.

Jeanette Cloyd is a full-time volunteer who strives to follow Christ’s leading in Fairfield, Illinois, and wherever God-sized adventures take her. She can be contacted at


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