Promote Missions Growth

Our pastor concludes every Sunday morning service with the same reminder: “We are the people of God, sharing God’s love, because God’s love changes the world.”

At any time, our church has members on one or more missions trips or we’re planning trips—domestic, international, or both.

We have an international university student outreach program with welcome activities at the beginning of the academic year, an international Bible study, and friendship families who open their homes to students. For many of these students, this is their first time to attend church or hear the gospel message.

Our church also plans local community outreach, either one-day blitzes or ongoing activities, such as Bible studies at the jail or support of the local crisis pregnancy center. (The pregnancy center rents a house from the church for $1 a year.) In addition, we partner with the university’s Baptist Campus Ministries for local outreach and missions trips.

These did not happen overnight. They grew and continue to grow from a concentrated focus on missions. The following 3 steps remain vital for our church or any church to promote missions growth:

1. Pray

• Seek God’s will rather than our own. If we overlook this first step, then we doom ourselves to failure.

• Join in collective prayer for the International Mission Board, the North American Mission Board, and state missionaries. 

• Provide prayer guides during special emphasis weeks as well as magazines with daily missionary prayer guides.

• Distribute lists with names and special prayer requests for church missions trip participants.

2. Plan

• Appoint a missions committee to brainstorm and coordinate missions education and participation. Encourage committee members to discover new members for existing WMU organizations, organize groups for age levels that aren’t involved in missions education yet, and spotlight entry points to WMU like WorldCrafts or Missionsfest or Familyfest

• Establish a missions fund to help finance missions trips for members with financial needs.

• Consider a long-term partnership agreement with an international missionary family. Clarify expectations with a written agreement.

• Choose a team leader to coordinate plans and assign responsibilities for any missions trip or activity.

3. Publicize

• Include missions information in the church newsletter, on the website, and during pre- or post-service announcements.

• Add missions videos to services, when appropriate.

• Schedule commissioning services for missions trip participants.

• Share testimonies following missions work.

When we plan and publicize, wrapping every step in prayer, people respond by

• praying

• giving

• encouraging

• going

Diana Derringer teaches a middle school Bible study and serves with her husband as a friendship family to international students.






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