Minister around the Town

Children’s Ministry Day is an excellent way to involve not only your Girls in Action and Royal Ambassadors or Children in Action in missions but also their parents. Too often, parents drop their children off and head to the grocery store or back home and miss the opportunity to be on mission with them. Our church’s theme of Random Acts of Kindness was tailor-made for family fun.

After being given a list of suggested random acts of kindness, the teams were on their way. Items to help perform these acts were available for each team to use. Small boxes of laundry detergent and dryer sheets for visits to a laundromat, bags of microwave popcorn to be taped to DVD rental machines, blank self-stick removable notes for writing uplifting messages to be left on restroom mirrors or in library books, bubbles to be left on doorsteps, and sidewalk chalk for more messages were just some of the items. Each act of kindness was accompanied by an invitation to visit our church.

Teams of excited children and parents, who had captured acts of service with pictures on Facebook, returned to church for lunch. Children and parents alike could hardly wait to report how their team had covered our community with kindness. Shopping carts were returned to businesses, meals were paid for at a drive-through restaurant, flowers were handed out, shut-ins were visited, clothes hangers were decorated with Christian messages for a clothes closest, and the list went on.

Parents appreciated the list they received to help remind them they could continue random acts of kindness with their children on a regular basis. A tradition has begun at my church. Children’s Ministry Day is for the child in all of us!


Susan Bryant serves as president, Kentucky WMU. She was a GA leader in her church for more than 30 years. 







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