Lead from Your Strengths

Delores does not like being in the limelight and prefers to work behind the scenes. Evelyn delights in speaking from the platform. Donna has never met a stranger and is very outgoing. Kay’s quiet demeanor and gentleness are well respected by those who have been blessed to know her. Sandy is creative and thinks outside the box. Dawn appreciates her strong missions heritage.

What do these women have in common? They are all strong WMU leaders. I have had the privilege of working alongside each of them.

Perhaps the greatest leadership truth I’ve ever learned came from this collective group. They have taught me that there is not just one way to lead. In fact, there are as many different styles of leadership as there are leaders—because no two leaders lead exactly the same way.

God did not create us to be cookie-cutter leaders. He gifted each of us as unique individuals, with strengths, abilities, and, yes, even weaknesses that will bring glory to Him. In part, Psalm 139:14 says we “have been remarkably and wonderfully made” (HCSB). To be remarkably made means that we are unique, extraordinary. Because God made us, we should marvel at the characteristics that are uniquely ours and be willing to lead from our strengths, rather than trying to lead as someone else might. Worse yet, what if we fail to take on leadership responsibilities simply because we don’t feel as if we are capable of leading like _____ (Fill in the blank with the name of a leader you admire.)? That would be a tragedy if God were truly calling us to that leadership position.

God will empower us as we lead from our strengths. Delores has strong organizational skills that keep the team focused on the vision and tasks at hand. Evelyn eloquently tells mission stories in a way that excites others and makes them want to get involved. Donna is able to bring new people onboard as she reaches out to others. Kay’s servant leadership model equips others to be leaders, too. Sandy incorporates fresh, new ideas in the organization, keeping it from getting stale. Dawn helps us to learn from the past as she leads us to build on the work done by the women who came before us.

What about you? What about me? What leadership strengths will we use to advance missions causes?


Jeanette Cloyd is a full-time volunteer who strives to follow Christ’s leading in Fairfield, Illinois, and wherever God-sized adventures take her. She can be contacted at jeanettecloyd@yahoo.com.


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