Recognize Spiritual Growth

I’m going to reminisce a bit here so please humor me for just a moment. I’ve had the privilege of being a missions leader for a number of years. In years past, I served as GA director in my church. One of the highlights for the girls was the recognition service in May.

Each GA had been paired with a woman in the church who was a part of Women on Mission. Throughout the year, each GA and “mentor” had forged a relationship with each other and the family of the GA. The mentor would come to GA on the fourth week of the month to help her GA with her individual achievement plan activities. In addition, the GA and her mentor would do things together at various times during the year as well as attending our GA/Mentor Tea on a Sunday afternoon in the spring.

At the recognition service when each GA’s name was called, the GA and her mentor would come to the front of the church where the mentor would present her GA with a flower and her GA charm. What a wonderful time to see the entire front of the sanctuary filled with GAs and their Women on Mission mentors. As the GA director, I would reflect over the year and remember how much the girls had grown in their knowledge of Christ and how He loves all the peoples of the world.



Kristy Carr serves as ministry consultant for churchwide and associational leadership, national WMU.







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