Give for His Glory

I want to introduce you to Anna. She and her family live in Moldova, a former Soviet country located between Romania and Ukraine.

Anna and her husband, Oleg, are farmers. They are believers and attend a small village church.

Several years ago, I was privileged to be in their church. Through WMU’s partnership with Moldova, I was there for the annual women’s conference, which was held in the capital city of Kishinev. Because the capital city is a few hours drive for Anna and others from her village, they were unable to attend the conference, so we brought the conference to them. It was an incredible time of worship, prayer, and fellowship among these believers. Anna and Oleg were so gracious to us. In fact, after the conference in their church, we were all packing up to leave when they told us that they had prepared a feast for us. In a side room, we all sat down to a wonderful meal, but more importantly, we shared our blessings with one another. We sang in both English and Russian the hymns of our faith. It is an experience I will never forget. As a small token of our appreciation for their hospitality, I gave Oleg a gift.

This gift was an Alabama quarter. A great woman of courage, Helen Keller, is featured on this quarter. Because our team consisted of volunteers from Alabama, someone in the group suggested we give the quarters to some of our hosts. We had them in nice cases and would present them to our hosts as we would briefly share the story of Helen Keller.

I did the same for Oleg—telling him the story through our translator. The next day, we headed back to the States.

Fast-forward one year to the annual women’s conference in Moldova. This time, I had the privilege of leading the team. At the end of the first day of the conference, I saw her—Anna. She asked if I remembered her. I did. She asked if I remembered giving her husband the coin. I did. She then went on to tell me that soon after our visit last year her husband learned that he was losing his sight. She told me that the life of Helen Keller—the story I told him last year—brings him great comfort. She wanted to thank me for that special gift.

I thank God that He allowed me to be a small part of this family’s life. What I thought was just a small token of our appreciation for their hospitality brought Oleg the comfort he needed at just the right time.


Kristy Carr serves as ministry consultant for churchwide and associational leadership, national WMU.







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