Give and Pray

It is December, time to trim the tree, decorate the house inside and out, and send Christmas cards. Not to mention shop. Shop for family, friends, co-workers, the pastor’s family, the mail carrier, Sunday School teachers, and school teachers. Then there is the entertaining, baking, Christmas parties, Christmas cantatas, and everything else that we are supposed to do in December. Wow! Are you tired yet?

All these things are so fun and make Christmas special and memorable, but they aren’t what Christmas is all about. Christmas is about the incredible Gift that was given to us all, Jesus. We need to make sure that all our activities are about Him and not just about the holiday.

One great way to help keep the season all about Jesus is to promote the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® and the Week of Prayer for International Missions. The more creative you get, the more excited people will get in their giving. Here are a few approaches that really worked for churches in New Mexico:

  • Set a goal for your offering. Make sure church members know what the goal is and how close you are to reaching the goal. Keep the amount visible to everyone by decorating your Christmas tree using ornaments from all over the world. But put only one ornament for each $10, $20, or $100 gift made to the offering. Each week, ask children to place the ornaments so everyone can see. Or use the Bible Storying Cloth Scarf. Cover all 42 stories up with paper. After you have set your goal, divide it by 42 to determine a dollar amount per story. If your goal is $2,100, every time $50 is given invite a child uncover a story and give a short account of that story.
  • Instead of hosting a Christmas party, host an international missions banquet. Decorate tables to represent countries all over the world. Encourage those seated at each table to pray for the lost people who live in the country and the missionaries serving among them.
  • Hold a special prayer meeting to pray for the missionaries featured during the week of prayer. Encourage church members to sign up to pray during assigned times so that the missionaries are prayed for every hour that week.

Connie Dixon is executive director, New Mexico WMU.






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