IMS Participation Leads to Missions Involvement

Hosting the International Mission Study is one sure way to give missions knowledge to church and community members. Participation in the study often leads to prayer for missionaries and their people groups. Many times, attendees are spurred to join missions efforts.

Gwen Moor, former president of Northwest WMU and a member of Dayspring Baptist Church in Chehalis, Washington, said prayer, advance delegating, and working out details are keys to success when hosting the study.

“We use the wonderful materials from the promotion kit to try to spark interest, [do] bulletin boards, [find] posters,” Moor said. In addition to the pastor promoting the study, it is announced in the bulletin for 3 or 4 weeks beforehand. A “guess how many of something that pertains to the country” game is presented. Church members have to attend the study to get the prize given to whoever is closest.

Moor likes to use a combination of suggestions from the different age levels. She adapts materials to fit the whole group, adding extra ideas for young children. Preschoolers have their own gathering area.

Here are some strategies used by Moor:

• Allow each participant to guess how many objects are in the guessing jar. Give each a token to identify which group he or she will begin in for rotations through the groups (stations).

• Plan group rotations to last about 20 minutes each. Mix activities in each group to allow participants to learn, have fun, fellowship, and pray. Consider incorporating skits, videos, crafts, puzzles, discussions, and snacks into the rotations.

• Choose prayer requests from the study materials and spread them around the room so participants can circle the room and pray.

• Ask participants to come together at the end to share what they learned. Answer any questions and give away door prizes. Consider using WorldCrafts items made by refugee artisans.

• Give each participant commitment papers with suggestions for locally applying what was learned, such as prayerwalking, getting involved in churchwide and individual missions, or embarking on new missions projects.


Angie Quantrell loves missions and sharing ways to get involved by combining prayer, education, and participation.

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