Feed the Hungry

Rather than just a once-a-year emphasis like Global Hunger Sunday, some churches maintain a year-round global hunger missions plan that involves all age groups and missions organizations. Some events are churchwide, some specific to a particular age or life stage, and some sponsored by one organization but open to all. Events might include the following:


  • Host a community Thanksgiving meal. Invite participants to bring nonperishable items for the church or community food pantry or an offering for Global Hunger Relief
  • Schedule regular offerings for global hunger, the local food pantry, or the church benevolence fund—after Lord’s Supper services, one Sunday per quarter, or other times the church chooses.
  • Invite a North American Mission Board or International Mission Board missionary to share how funds given to the offering for Global Hunger Relief have been used to meet physical as well as spiritual needs.


  • Volunteer to publicize or organize or distribute items at the local food pantry.
  • Offer community classes in budgeting, couponing, thrifty grocery shopping, or low-cost and nutritious meal preparation.
  • Prepare a meal of rice and water. Share local and global hunger statistics. Accept offerings for Global Hunger Relief in empty soup cans.


  • Plan a monthly cookout, picnic, or potluck, and donate 1 item per person to the local food pantry.
  • Organize a 5K walk/run. In addition to collecting pledges for the offering for Global Hunger Relief, encourage runners to distribute flyers with global hunger information to people they encounter along the route.


  • Provide seeds, plants, and other resources for a community garden in a low-income area.
  • Grow and tithe fresh fruit and vegetables to the local food pantry.
  • Substitute the cost of a romantic dinner with an offering to Global Hunger Relief.


  • Allow children to help bag food for local distribution.
  • Host a game day, altering common children’s games to demonstrate global hunger. Follow with ways to help the hungry. Consider these options:
  1. “Duck, duck, goose,” with all the geese representing hungry children
  2. Baseball or softball, with each player who strikes out sitting in the hunger dugout
  3. Bobbing for apples in different tubs, with some tubs holding only 1 apple


  • Prepare evangelistic brochures (Example: “I am the Bread of Life”) for local food pantry distribution. Include church contact information on the back.
  • Write and perform global hunger dramas for church services.

Diana Derringer teaches a middle school Bible study and serves with her husband as a friendship family to international students.





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