This Month in Children's Missions

This month in children's missions.

WMU coordinates the missions curriculum for Children in Action, Girls in Action, and Royal Ambassadors (WMU's gender specific missions organizations for children). Each month, children focus on the same missionaries and missions emphases. While learning activities and teaching materials are specifically tailored to meet each organization's needs, coordinated curriculum enhances joint experiences when appropriate. 

Read below for June and July ideas.

Supplemental Activities for 2018 Vacation Bible School: London

Looking for extra activities for your missions rotation during Vacation Bible School this summer? Look here for a description of London and a fun game and look here for engaging activities and a recipe!

Prayer Update from Hernando Cardenas

We have a prayer update from Hernando and Alcira Cardenas, our May 2017 featured missionaries in Phoenix, Arizona. The prayers of your GAs, RAs, and CAs have been heard!

I want to thank all of you for the prayers and cards we received from you. The crafts the children did are very special to us. Every time I opened one and read and saw their crafts, I could not contain the tears in my eyes.

Your prayers are welcomed all the time, and they work. Prayer works all the time. Let me tell you how I know. On May 18, 2017, I had one more surgery on my spine. I had an artificial disc replacement surgery, and the recovery has been unbelievable. My surgeon is amazed by it. He is a Christian, and he gave all credit to God. I must add that your prayers had a lot to do with it. 

Our ministry here in Chandler, Arizona, is going well. We had a couple families join the church, and I hope more Hispanic families join us to worship the Lord. It is not easy to get the Hispanic population to join the church. Most of them are not used to attending every week. They are used to attending only on special occasions, such as Christmas, Resurrection Sunday, weddings, etc. But we must keep spreading the gospel everywhere.

On behalf of my wife, Alcira, and my son, Wilson, I want to thank you for your prayers. They have been very much appreciated. I keep each one of the cards with me and will read them again and again. Every time I feel tired or discouraged by attacks from the enemy, these cards are loved and appreciated.

In Christ's love,
Hernando Cardenas

June 2017 Ideas

June: Finding Joy in the Marathon

Holly Procita says, “Ministry in Calgary is a marathon. It takes time to build relationships and earn the right to share Jesus with people. We are ecstatic over each prayer of salvation and each baptism, because it often takes years for people to reach the point of decision.”

Set up a marathon-style course in or around your church. Set up stations for drink refreshments and prayer requests. Allow your RAs to move along the course and stop at each station. At each station, have something for them to read or watch. Here are a few suggestions:

Scripture: Display this month’s “Memory Verse Poster” (Poster 2 from the RA Leader Kit) for boys to read or recite.

Media: Play a video from Southwinds Church in Calgary or a worship song.

Email: Set up a station to send an encouraging email to the featured missionaries. They can email Holly Procita at and the Myers family at

Prayer: Make a prayer banner where RAs can write or draw their prayers for missions in Calgary.

Drinks and Refreshments: Serve water to refresh your RAs.

June: Courage Challenges

Courage is the power God gives us to do the right thing, even when we feel afraid. Have you ever noticed that courage is the root word of encourage? Sometimes, the encouragement that someone gives you can help you to summon up the courage that God empowers you with.

Challenge your RAs to connect with an encouraging mentor in your church. Allow younger men and older men to meet with your RAs in small groups to encourage them in their faith journey. Plan a bonding experience where they will work in mentoring teams to face challenges. You may want to provide them with an opportunity to work on Campcraft activities (building fires, assembling tents, going on a canoeing trip, etc.) Here are some indoor game suggestions:

Bucket Balance—Have everyone remove their shoes and lie flat on their backs in a circle with their feet in the middle. The challenge is for everyone to lift and hold up a bucket of water together using only their feet.

Flip Flop—Have everyone stand on a small blanket. The challenge is for everyone to work together to flip over the blanket while standing on it.

Pyramid Pusher—Have everyone form a line with about 8 feet between them. The challenge is for the first person to build a pyramid of cups, move it to the next person, then the next person, and so on without deconstructing the pyramid.

June: Southwinds Church at Cranston and Mahogany

Sometimes, when a company buys a large piece of land, it decides to build many homes and businesses on it. This is called developing the land. Often, the developments, or buildings that are built, are planned very carefully. The company, also called developers, wants to make sure people who buy homes there have all of the businesses and services they need.

The developers look for grocery stores, dentists, doctors, restaurants, and clothing stores that would like to be part of the community. Churches are important to the new communities, too.

Cranston and Mahogany are developments in the southeast area of Calgary.

Southwinds Church at Cranston is a church that helps make Cranston a good place to live. Holly Procita leads the church to plan activities that help the community understand that Jesus loves them. The manager of the nearby Mahogany community asked pastor Bo Neal to begin a church in their neighborhood. Bo prayed for a church planter to begin a church.

Brett Myers went on a missions trip to Calgary and worked with Southwinds Church at Cranston. God gave him a love for the people in Calgary and a desire to start a church. He told Bo Neal about God leading him to be a church planter.

After praying, the Myers family decided to move to Calgary. They work with Southwinds Church at Mahogany and with Holly Procita. The Myerses have learned from Holly to be friends with people in their community. These friendships give them opportunities to share Jesus.

June: Holly's Jobs

Holly Procita is a Mission Service Corps missionary. She does not get a salary from the North American Mission Board to work with Southwinds Church at Cranston. Instead, people who believe that her ministry in Calgary is important give money to help her. This is called raising your own support.

Holly has another important job. She works with the Canadian National Baptist Convention. She is the Sports Outreach Director. Her training as a teacher and coach helps her in this job. She helps churches all over Canada learn how to do sports camps in their communities. The sports camps help the churches get to know families. They tell children and parents about Jesus.

June: Darcy's Testimony

Refer to p. 20 of the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2017 issue of GA Leader and RA Leader.

Share Darcy's testimony with children by watching this video.

June: Worst-Case Scenario

Refer to p. 25 of the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2017 issue of RA Leader and p. 14 in Children in Action Leader.

Browse these videos about worst-case scenarios, and choose the video most appropriate for your group.

(At time of print, the provided URL was accurate; however, the link has since expired.)

June: Calgary Fun

Refer to p. 25 of the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2017 issue of GA Leader

Watch this video to learn about places you can visit in Calgary. 

June: Children in Action Extras

Download and use this Extras page for additional activities to enhance Children in Action meetings in June!

June: Family Missions Focus

Download and use this resource to reinforce what your groups are learning every month in Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action. Family Missions Focus now includes a feature for you to type notes to parents on the left-hand side of the page! Print the page for parents or email them monthly as a way to encourage their support. 

June: Missions Photos

Holly Procita shares Jesus in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Holly gets to know people in her community through sports camps, Bible camps, and block parties.   Brett and Kristin Myers are church planters in Calgary. The Myers family builds relationships in their community in order to share the gospel in Canada.

July 2017 Ideas

July: 4-by-4 Riding in Niger!

Getting around in Niger requires using a 4-by-4 vehicle. Here are some of the stops you might make as you take a 4-by-4 ride in Niger. Visit these sites and take a pretend 4-by-4 ride!

Koure Giraffe Reserve

W National Park

Aïr Mountains

Tenere Desert

July: Malaria Facts

This interactive website provides easy-to-understand information about malaria. Direct preteens and Crusaders to investigate and report during Week 2 (p. 37 in GA Leader and RA Leader).

July: Map-tastic Geography

Some children love to play “school” year-round. Some are fascinated with maps and geography. You can cater to both interests by providing worksheets from this educational website. Use as early-arriver, departure, or when-the-well-runs-dry activities this month or any time.

July: Planking Photo Shoot

Refer to p. 42 of the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2017 issue of RA Leader.

Divide boys into their age groups and refer to the RA Fitness Exercise Guide for information on length of time and styles of planking. Find the "RA Fitness Personal Exercise Worksheet" at the end of the exercise guide to record each boy's times and repetitions.

July: Planking Visuals

Planking is a fun form of exercise that is also fun to watch! Direct Crusaders to search for planking ideas during Week 4 (p. 42 RA Leader) by watching these videos of children planking:

Basic Planking
​Plank exercising for kids
Plank challenge

Roving Plank
Roving plank for kids
Kids AllStar roving plank
Chair roving plank

Advanced Planking Exercises
Advanced plank exercises for kids
4 ways to plank for kids

July: Beat the Heat Bags

Refer to p. 27 in the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2017 issue of Children in Action Leader.

Download this word search activity sheet to use during the "Beat the Heat Bags" activity.

July: Children in Action Extras

Download and use this Extras page for additional activities to enhance Children in Action meetings in July!

July: Family Missions Focus

Download and use this resource to reinforce what your groups are learning every month in Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action. Family Missions Focus now includes a feature for you to type notes to parents on the left-hand side of the page! Print the page for parents or email them monthly as a way to encourage their support.

July: Missions Photos


George and Megan Lane* minister to the Songhai people of Niger and plant churches among them. The Lanes share Bible stories with the Songhai people in Zarma—the Songhai language.

*Names have been changed.


Greg and Michelle Dorsey* help God's work get done in Niger by ministerning to the people in Niamey. They also encourage and support new missionaries. Greg plans strategy for reaching the people of Niger. Michelle is a cluster prayer advocate and teaches young women in Niamey.

*Names have been changed.


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