This Month — May 2019

May 2019 Ideas

May: Fast Facts on Cleveland 

  • More than 2 million people live in the Cleveland metro area.
  • Cleveland is home to a variety of people with different ethnicities and backgrounds, from families and young professionals to entrepreneurs and college students. 
  • Cleveland hosts one of the first shopping mall in America, the Cleveland Arcade. It opened in 1890 and is still standing today.
  • The Cuyahoga River that runs through Cleveland has caught on fire 13 times. It is fittingly known as “the river that caught fire.”
  • The iconic Superman was birthed in Cleveland by Jerry Siegel, comic writer, and Joe Shuster, artist, when they were students in high school.
  • Many churches contribute to the makeup of downtown Cleveland, but hardly any of them are filled, as almost half the population isn’t affiliated with a religious body. 
  • With a number 12 spot on Forbes magazine’s list of “America’s Most Miserable Cities,” the reputation of the most cursed sports city in America from ESPN, and the moniker “The mistake by the Lake,” Cleveland seems set up for low self-esteem.  
  • Growth and revitalization in the city are starting to brighten its future with a lower unemployment rate and new restaurants and businesses dotting the streets of downtown Cleveland. 
  • In 1899, Coburn Haskell, a Cleveland inventor, created the modern rubber-wound golf ball. This new golf ball featured a rubber core with dimples on its exterior. Haskell’s invention revolutionized the game of golf by allowing players to hit the ball dramatically farther than before. While there have been some improvements to his original ball, Haskell is still credited with the invention of the modern golf ball. Whether you prefer the traditional 18 holes or a great game of putt-putt golf, remember to thank Cleveland for your golf ball. 

May: Crafts

Rock and roll traces some of its roots back to Cleveland. The term “rock and roll” was coined by a DJ in Cleveland. The city was also the home of the first rock concert and is now host to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Music continues to thrive in Cleveland today. The Cleveland Orchestra was founded in 1918 is currently recognized as one of the world’s premiere orchestras. Celebrate the musical history of Cleveland by making these instruments.

What you need:
• coffee can (or similar sized can)
• scissors
• balloons
• masking tape

What you do:
1. Using the scissors, cut the neck off the balloon.
2. Stretch the balloon around the opening of the coffee can and tape around the edge. For more durability, add a second balloon on top of the first. Consider adding decorative holes in the second balloon to give your drum a unique look.

Pan Flute
What you need:

• 9 straws
• scissors
• tape
• ruler 

What you do:
1. Set the first straw aside. Using the ruler, measure and cut 2 centimeters off the next straw. Repeat this process, cutting an additional 2 centimeters off each subsequent straw (Ex: 4 centimeters, 6 centimeters, etc.).
2. Once all straws have been cut, lay a long piece of tape sticky-side up. Arrange the straws longest to shortest across it, making sure the ends at the top are even. Wrap the tape around the top of the straws, adding more tape if needed.
3. Now it is time to blow over top of the straws and “play” your flute.

May: City Church Bingo

Play this bingo game to help your group learn more about the Friedrichsens, their ministries, and Cleveland, Ohio. 

Leaders: Call out these sentences randomly, and encourage your children to find the sentence on their bingo cards. Use small game pieces to cover spaces when they match a sentence to the one you read. Traditional bingo rules apply.

May: Tulip Pattern

Refer to p. 52 of the Mar • Apr • May • 2019 issue of GA Leader and p. 37 of Children in Action Leader

Use this pattern to make the prayer reminder in “Tulip Prayers.” Follow the instructions in your leader magazine. 

May: Doorknob Hangers

Refer to p. 52 of the Mar • Apr • May • 2019 issue of RA Leader.

Print these “Doorknob Hangers” and encourage your boys to list their prayer requests on the hangers.

May: I’ll Give It Up

Refer to p. 55 of the Mar • Apr • May • 2019 issue of RA Leader and p. 39 of Children in Action Leader.

Print these “I’ll Give It Up” cards and cut them apart. 

May: Acts 1:8 and Me

Refer to p. 35 of the Mar • Apr • May • 2019 issue of Children in Action Leader.

Download “Acts 1:8 and Me” to complete with your group.

May: Tortoise and Hare

Refer to p. 36 of the Mar • Apr • May • 2019 issue of Children in Action Leader.

Print “Tortoise and Hare” cards, and cut them apart before your meeting. 

May: Pray for City Church

Refer to p. 37 of the Mar • Apr • May • 2019 issue of Children in Action Leader.

Note: This passage is also available on Activity Page 10.

Pray for City Church to represent its neighborhood. Ask God to help the church reach people of different ethnic groups, ages, incomes, and education levels.

Ask God to help Nate finish the renovations on their house so the Friedrichsens have room and time to share their home with others.

Pray for people in Ohio City who don’t have Christian friends. Ask God to help Christians want to be friends with people who don’t believe in Him.

Pray for City Church to connect with families in Ohio City.

May: Making Room for People

Refer to p. 39 of the Mar • Apr • May • 2019 issue of Children in Action Leader.

Download this story to read with your CAs.

May: Cleveland Fun Facts 

Refer to p. 41 of the Mar • Apr • May • 2019 issue of Children in Action Leader

Print these facts to play a game with your CAs. 

May: Children in Action Extras

Download and use this Extras page to enhance Children in Action meetings in May!

May: Family Missions Focus

Download and use this resource to reinforce what your groups are learning every month in Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action. Family Missions Focus includes a feature for you to type notes to parents on the left-hand side of the page! Print the page for parents or email them as a monthly way to encourage their support.

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