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June 2018 Ideas

June: Pray for Burkina Faso

Look up some recent news articles that address some of the issues that impact the lives of people in Burkina Faso. Check news sites as well as Search the IMB prayer lists for Burkina Faso, Ghana and West Africa at

Plan a special prayertime to focus on the immediate needs in Burkina Faso, Ghana and West Africa. Look to Acts 16:25–34 for inspiration. Here are some ideas:

  • Pray at midnight or pray for 12 minutes. (Acts 16:25)
  • Sing a hymn or praise song. Sing "God Is So Good" in French or Moore. See p. 13 in the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2018 issue of GA World for lyrics. (Acts 16:25)
  • Pray face down on your knees. (Acts 16:29)
  • Go swimming, and pray while you float in the water. (Acts 16:33)
  • Pray and eat a meal together to celebrate what God is doing in Burkina Faso. Look up some West African recipes to prepare. (Acts 16:34)

June: Beat the Summer Heat

Bart and Jane Anne Gibbs find that the hot summer months in West Africa are really difficult and uncomfortable.

What are some ways you beat the heat during the summer months?

Here are some ideas to cope with warm temperatures. Plan to share these items with other children while playing at a local park or by inviting your friends over for some cool activities.

  • Water Balloon Games: Fill a bucket with water balloons, and then toss the balloons with a friend.
  • Ice Pop Party: Take a box of ice pops to the local park and share with the other children and parents.
  • Afternoon Sleepover: Invite a friend over for an afternoon "naptime" where sleeping is totally optional. Set up tents and sleeping bags and make snacks.
  • Movie Outing: Go see a movie. Purchase extra popcorn and give it to a stranger.
  • Garden Fun: Visit a garden center and pick up some indoor plants to bring a little nature inside.
  • Hobby Time: Choose a new hobby or sport you can do indoors, such as indoor roller skating, bowling, rock climbing or hockey.

June: The Challenges of Living in Burkina Faso

Bart and Jane Anne Gibbs say, "There is no 'typical' day on the missions field." Some days are more challenging than others because of disruptions in electricity, water or Internet services. Bart and Jane Anne also describe Burkina Faso as very hot during the months of April and May. Temperatures reach over 100° F. Encourage children to experience a day like Bart and Jane Anne might experience in Burkina Faso by doing the following:

  • unplug all electronic devices
  • turn off all lights
  • limit electrical usage
  • limit use of water
  • take a car ride with parents or guardians with no air conditioning

Discuss with children how the lack of conveniences of electricity, water, Internet and air conditioning can make the day more challenging and difficult. Pray for the Gibbs family as they do their work while facing these challenges each day.

June: What Is the Cooperative Program?

Jane Anne Gibbs attributes her call to be a missionary to the missions programs in her church when she was a child, as well as her church's participation in the Cooperative Program. What is the Cooperative Program? It is a giving program for Southern Baptist churches to collectively give a percentage of their budget to support state, national and international ministries. Every dollar that is put in a collection plate at church is given to support the needs, expenses and ministries of the church, while a portion may also be given to the Cooperative Program. The portion that is given to the Cooperative Program is divided between the state where the church is located, North American missions through the North American Mission Board, international missions through the International Mission Board and other ministries chosen by the Southern Baptist Convention. Every dollar helps people locally and around the world hear about God's love and His good news of eternal life. Check with your church to see how much of each dollar you tithe each Sunday goes to the Cooperative Program.

When churches give cooperatively and collectively, more can be accomplished and more people will come to know about God's love for them. When you put money in the offering plate on Sunday, you are helping the Gibbs family as they serve as missionaries in Burkina Faso.

June: Children in Action Extras

Download and use this Extras page for additional activities to enhance Children in Action meetings in June!

June: Family Missions Focus

Download and use this resource to reinforce what your groups are learning every month in Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action. Family Missions Focus includes a feature for you to type notes to parents on the left-hand side of the page! Print the page for parents or email them as a monthly way to encourage their support.

June: "Ouagadougou Preaching Point" Name Meanings

Refer to p. 21 of the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2018 issue of GA Leader.

Use this information as it relates to each child's name. (It is customary for parents to name their child for the day he or she was born.)

  • Tené — The local churches in Ouagadougou are working hard to organize and host grammar school every weekday. They hope this educational opportunity will help the children improve their lives.
  • Arba — Bart and Jane Anne Gibbs partner with a young pastor who has planted a preaching point. It is not yet a church, but it is a place where the pastor goes to share the gospel with others. When their worship services began, many families in the village were eager to attend. They welcomed the young pastor. But now, only their children attend — about 30 of them. The children and the young pastor are not giving up. The children gather faithfully each week to learn more about God's Word. The pastor meets with the children every Sunday.
  • Arzuma, Hado and Tilaado — Other phrases in Mooré: Wennaam ko beeogo means "goodbye." Wennaam Sebere means "Bible." Mam nonga yamba means "I love you." Ma means "mother." Ba means "father."
  • Lamoussa — Compassion International partners with the local Baptist churches throughout Burkina Faso. To find out more, share from
  • Sibdi — Bart and Jane Anne Gibbs have three children — Maria, Matthew and Elizabeth. Elizabeth just graduated from her school in Burkina Faso and now attends college in the United States. She has served in many ways as an MK: visiting churches, helping with orientation for new missionaries, working with the youth groups in Ouagadougou and helping patients at a hospital in Ghana.

June: Links

Use this section for any links referenced in the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2018 issues of GA Leader, RA Leader and Children in Action Leader.

GA Leader

RA Leader

Children in Action Leader

June: Missions Photos

Missionaries Bart and Jane Anne Gibbs follow Jesus' example of storytelling so the people of Burkina Faso can hear the stories of the Bible. Bart and Jane Anne are always looking for ways to capture the attention of the West African people in Burkina Faso so they will want to hear the message of God's love for them. 


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