Challengers FAQs

Who can be a Challenger?

All boys, ages 12–17 or in grades 7–12, who want to participate can be members of Challengers. Church membership is not required. If your church has a Challengers organization, boys can join Challengers simply by expressing an interest in belonging. In fact, Challengers can include youth from the same church or from different churches in a community. The group can meet at the church, on a school campus, in a community center, or at a ministry site. You may even have multiple groups based on age, location, interests, or schedules.

If your church uses Challengers material interjected into an ongoing aspect of your youth ministry program, teens can participate by virtue of their place in your total program. They will learn as they are exposed to the material in the context of growing Christian discipleship.


Where do leaders get their ideas?

The annual Challengers Leader plan book is your curriculum piece. It contains the entire curriculum you need for a full year. The Challengers Leader plan book follows an annual emphasis to provide a new look each year. The themes and “lesson plans” change from year to year because youth need variety and adult leaders do too!


Where can I find more information about starting Challengers in my church?

By encouraging missions education for teen boys, WMU meets and anticipates the ever-changing needs of your missions efforts. With a comprehensive student focus, this guide is essential for missions leaders who are serious about leading teenagers in Challengers.

Purchase your own copy of the Challengers Guide for Leaders. This guide has a comprehensive missions focus and is essential for Challengers leaders!

Print version (M127166) - $5.99 plus s&h

Download version (E126103) - $4.99


What other resources do Challengers and their leaders need?

WMU Year Book for the current year is an essential annual resource that gives a preview of study materials and special projects for the year, plus a list of Challengers resources and information about WMU ministries.
Other materials for youth, such as ministry ideas books, spiritual growth helps, and Challengers identity items, are also available.
To order any of the resources listed above, go to or call WMU Customer Service at 1-800-968-7301.

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