The Association: More than Marketing

We support lots of organizations throughout our lifetime: parent/teacher groups at our children’s schools, local and national charities that touch our lives, neighborhood supper clubs, professional organizations related to our employment. All these groups are excellent and meet a relevant need, but what about your local Baptist association? When was the last time you celebrated what God was doing in and through your association’s churches?

People are starved for meaningful community, and they want more than just being a target of marketing and consumerism. Associational missions can be the connector for people to experience a holy more as you partner with others of like mind. Heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul encounters through associational missions are a beautiful thing that changes you and your community.

Many church members have forgotten or never learned how Baptists partner through the association. An Associational Missions Emphasis event is a fun way to educate them. The payback is huge. God is glorified and people are loved and helped in the name of Christ.


• Select a planning team from several associational churches. More churches represented on your planning team ensures a higher attendance.

• Remember that Sunday evening, when people are already planning to attend church, is a great time for an associational celebration.

• Connect past and future by recognizing the longest tenured church and the newest church.

• Recognize the most senior missions volunteer and the youngest. Recognize the most senior pastor and the newest.

• Invite a community member who benefited from an associational project to share his story.

• Keep it timely and provide child care in consideration of families with children.


• Use all means possible to promote your celebration: the Web, social media, church invitations, and newsletters.

• Encourage the pastors in your association to move their Sunday night services to the associational event.


• Remember that people respond to real-life stories. Make your celebration about people and their stories, not about numbers and dollars.

• Spotlight upcoming associational projects in handouts and on-screen visuals.

• Introduce your associational staff and ministry teams. Include contact information for ministry team leaders and staff in your handouts.

Baptist associations formed to help local Southern Baptists accomplish more for the glory of God than one church or person could do alone. This is still true today. Together we can make a difference in our communities. Together we bring glory to God!


Lucretia Mobbs is blessed to serve alongside fabulous women on her associational WMU leadership team.

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