Hemming Children in Prayer

Dust off that sewing machine and find your pins and scissors. Use your sewing skills to weave God into the lives of children around the world.

Mary Beth Turberville, a school nurse, returned to her home in Phenix City, Alabama, with a renewed heart for ministry after a Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International trip to Nicaragua. The Lord put a vision in her head and a deep passion in her heart to share Christ through a children’s clothing ministry.
Turberville explains, “Missions has always been a part of my life, but in the past if I had time, I was willing to serve. Now I serve the Lord first; then if there is time left, I might do what I want. Life is not about me, but about God and what I can do for others.” With this heart change, she began to use the sewing skills she had always possessed to minister to children in other countries.

Sewing Seeds

Here’s how:
1. Set a date and location for a sewing bonanza. Invite women of all ages—from girls to grandmas. Bring your non-believing friends to this non-threatening event.
2. Organize and collect your supplies.

  • pattern
  • fabric
  • pins   
  • sewing notions 
  • scissors  
  • sewing machines   
  • thread   
  • iron/ironing board

3. Set up stations for assembly-line type work. Assign tasks to younger girls that are age-appropriate such as trimming thread from seams, folding, and packing.
4. Pray mightily for each who will be receiving a dress or shorts.
5. If sewing frightens you, partner with Children Hemmed in Prayer by donating:

  • fabric
  • thread
  • sewing machines
  • Ziplock bags for packing garments

6. Completed garments are mailed to Turberville. She puts labels in the garments while praying for the children who will receive the garments. She packs and ships the garments to missions teams or missionaries who will take them to the missions field.

Weave God into Your Life

 A new way to look at your sewing machine and notions.
Thread guide: The Holy Spirit, our guide for life.
Tension control: Express self-control—Galatians 5:22.
Top thread and bottom thread: It takes the filling of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word to hold our lives together. While people see only what is on the outside (the top thread), it is what is on the inside of our hearts (the bobbin thread) that really matters.
Needle: God Himself.
Thread: Weave God’s Word into your heart. Hide it in your heart.
Hand wheel: Use your hands, feet, and mouth to serve the Lord.
Foot control: Keep Satan crushed underneath your feet.
Reverse switch: You can’t reverse your life or undo the wrong you’ve done but you can strive to go forward with God from this day forth.
Machine light: Let Christ shine through you.
On/Off switch: Let God switch on His power in your life.

For more information contact Mary Beth Turberville:

Email: hemmedinprayer1@aol.com
Address: 48 Rolling Hills Dr., Phenix City, AL 36870

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