Training Other Missionaries to Serve in the Americas

As the field medical coordinator for all missionary personnel serving in the Americas, Jennifier Barger helps those entering the missions field in a medical capacity understand their role as they prepare to minister to people in the Americas.

A former nurse practitioner, Barger is familiar with the maladies that plague the human body. An International Mission Board missionary for nearly 2 decades, she also understands the spiritual needs of sin-sick people. Not so coincidentally, it was a series of medical issues her family experienced several years ago that most recently reminded her of her identity in Christ.

Within 2 years, Barger and her daughter both underwent surgery. Her husband, Don, suffered a mysterious illness that sent the family back to the United States for treatment. Then, in one particularly harrowing experience, her eldest child endured respiratory distress while in the middle of the jungle. There was no way to get medical treatment until the next morning. These experiences might drive some away from their beliefs, but they drove Barger further into the arms of her Savior.

“I don’t always know why God allows certain things to happen, but I know that I can always look back and see His faithfulness and how He has carried me through,” she said. “He will fight battles for me.”

It’s the daily connection she maintains with her heavenly Father that also reminds her of the role she plays.

“It’s in those quiet times—reading His Word and seeking His will through prayer—that over and over, I am reminded of who I am in Christ and what His plan is for me at this time,” Barger said.

Jamie H. Wilson is a freelance writer from upstate South Carolina who found great encouragement listening to Jennifier Barger tell of her passion to see others shown God’s love. Contact her at

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