Pushing Past the Honeymoon Stage of a Church Plant

No church bells rang at that time. But George and Janelle Lim fell in love with Glastonbury, Connecticut, years ago. Finally called to plant a church there, they moved their family of 5 in August 2015.

“Living here was surreal,” George Lim shared. “Like most missions, we hit the ground in the honeymoon stage. Yet a few months later, we were back to reality. Like most of New England, this is spiritually hard ground. Glastonbury is an affluent and educated town. People in this community have all the material things they need.

“By October, we were lonely, tired, discouraged, and without resources to accomplish what God called us to—plant a church. A friend said, ‘Let’s stop talking about how hard the ground is and start talking about how great our God is.’

“Crying out to God, we remembered our purpose: to make much of Jesus, to bring people to Jesus, not to do something cool or to be known as church planters. Furthermore we recognized that when we do too much in our strength, the natural response is to take credit. But times of complete weakness [are opportunities] to see God’s power and for Him alone to be glorified.

“We began to rest and take joy in our circumstances as we spent time with Him. He alone was enough. Though without human resources, we had the power of the Living God. Soon after, God brought us alongside the Baptist Convention of New England, and He has been moving in miraculous ways.

“But please pray for Glastonbury. Behind the facade are the broken who need the love of Christ. Pray the people would build their homes on the Rock rather than shifting sand as we plant The River Church Glastonbury within the next year and that God would continually bring us core team members, partnerships, and financial support.

“This is our home, we are right where we need to be, and we don’t plan on leaving. God has been gracious enough to let us start off on the right foot, and we realize this is all Him.”

Shelli Littleton lives in Royse City, Texas, and blogs at ShelliLittleton.blogspot.com.

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