Obedience: Always the Best Choice

In 2015, Jack and Melody Williams* left Benin, their home of 24 years, to reestablish an International Mission Board presence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Benin was not an easy place to live, but Melody Williams fell in love with the country and its people. The Williamses learned French, Benin’s official language, and Fon, a language spoken by about 1.2 million Beninese. Learning Fon helped Melody Williams lead many to Christ.

The grief of leaving behind friends and ministry partners in Benin still lingers, but the Williamses are not only seeing a tremendous work of God in DRC but also being content with difficulties for Christ’s sake.

Though DRC is considered a “reached” nation because 80% of the population claims Christianity, some of its evangelical churches have been corrupted by the influence of animism, spiritism, witchcraft, and sorcery.

“During a war, those who had known Christ did not pass on their faith and teachings on repentance, surrender, and the cost of discipleship,” Melody Williams said.

In the capital city of Kinshasa, where the Williamses live, abandoned children fill the streets and crime is rampant, in part because of false teachings by some church leaders. It’s a heartbreaking place to live, but God is at work.

In 1 year, more than 1,000 have come to Christ. Pastors and leaders are coming for Bible training. Churches and cell groups have begun, and God is drawing people to Himself and showing His truth.

Though daily life is not easy in Kinshasa, Melody Williams said she finds great joy in teaching and talking to people in her new country. The Williamses are confident God will bring revival in DRC, but “if we had refused to be obedient, these things would have never happened.”

Join the Williamses each Tuesday in prayer for the work in Central Africa. Pray for their team to persevere in wisdom and find joy in the trials. Pray also for men, women, and students to come to Christ and be discipled. Though 5 million children attend the 18,000 Christian schools in DRC, the majority leaves school each year not knowing Christ. Pray for a wide-open door for the truth to be shared in these schools.

*Names changed.    

Carrie Brown McWhorter writes from her home in Fruithurst, Alabama.

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