Mie’s Hope for Japan

Mie was born and grew up in Osaka, Japan; attended the University of Findlay in Ohio; and then returned home. She got a full-time job that moved her to Kobe, where she met Mark Busby, an International Mission Board (IMB) missionary. They married in 2001 and in 2003, she became the first Japanese citizen to be appointed to Japan by the IMB.

One way Mie helps Mark lead the IMB team in Tokyo is by helping the other missionaries understand the life and culture of the Japanese people. Since Mie is Japanese, it’s natural for her to talk with the Japanese women and that’s where her ministry focuses. For the past 10 years, God has used her to minister to women who have children the age of her 2 children—John and Michelle. The work moves slowly; only recently did one of the women ask Mie to pray to Jesus for her family. Once when she tried to talk to a close friend about Jesus, she cut Mie out of her life and never spoke to her again.

The Busby children attended a Japanese elementary school until John was in sixth grade and Michelle in fourth. They were the only Christians in either of their classes. Mie used every opportunity to reach out to the parents through school events. She was very involved in PTA, volunteering in numerous capacities. Her children now attend a small international school.

For the past year, Mie has worked from their church plant with the Mommy and Me group. This group gives mothers of very young children a chance to come together, eat, and talk, while the leaders play with their children. This allows Mie to spend time with the women and show them Christ’s love. Mie tries to share with them what it’s like to be a Christian and a mom.

Even though there are few believers in Tokyo, Mie doesn’t lose hope. Her love for the Japanese people carries her forward. She believes that one day, they will open their hearts to receive the gospel, and she prays she will still be there.

Ann Knowles’s passion is missions. She enjoys writing about missionaries and teaching mission studies.

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