Doing More Than Training Students to Be Christians

“Drexel is Different” proclaim billboards throughout Philadelphia, and Brian Musser, Baptist campus minister, couldn’t agree more.

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, Drexel University is home to a student population of more than 25,000 students.

Since he arrived on campus 11 years ago, Musser has not only established a Baptist presence but also helped several Christian organizations find a place at Drexel, which is important because “no one organization is going to reach the entire campus.”

As Mission Service Corps missionaries for the North American Mission Board, Musser and his wife, Jennifer, raise their own support. A diverse group of more than 100 churches in Philadelphia Baptist Association helps, but partnerships with other evangelical churches throughout Philadelphia are important.

Recently Musser began working with an independent student organization called Drexel Students for Christ (DSC). He helped form a partnership between DSC, Baptist Collegiate Ministry, and Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia with the primary goal of reaching Drexel students with the gospel. Creativity and wisdom are necessary at Drexel, where less than 500 students are actively involved in campus ministry.

“Every day something happens that requires me to simply trust the Holy Spirit to lead,” Musser said. “I’m always trying to figure out the best way to be a Christian in an environment that is really different. I am often in a situation I’ve never been in before, seeking a biblically sound response and to be true to the way of Christ.”

Drexel students are unusual in that most will spend 5 years earning their undergraduate degrees. During the middle 3 years, students are required to spend 6 months in a co-op experience. Students commonly work for Fortune 500 companies like Lockheed Martin, Intel, and J. P. Morgan Chase, spending a full 18 months of their college lives employed.

Preparing students to be Christians in the workplace is a priority for Musser.

“We are doing more than training students to be Christians. While we want them to be involved in ministry while they are on campus, it is necessary that we are discipling Christian young adults who will have an impact for the kingdom for the rest of their lives.”

Pray for the Mussers as they minister to students at Drexel. Pray for The Red Cup Campaign, an effort to increase awareness of the dangers of binge drinking. Pray especially for the students during the winter months, when they are most susceptible to burnout and depression.

Carrie Brown McWhorter writes from her home in Fruithurst, Alabama.

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