Connect with Others

Everyone has a story—good times or bad, sorrow or joy, boring or exciting. And just as we are all unique, our stories are unique.

In the past few years, Danielle Gonzalez’s story has been one of “wearing many hats” as she serves on staff of New City Church in New York City. (New City is a part of the North American Mission Board’s Send North America strategy to plant churches in major urban areas.) Presently Gonzalez is director of ministry administration, handling everything from logistics for Sunday mornings to helping in the accounting department to helping implement new ministry projects.

Since her story includes God’s story, she looks for places where the gospel is not present and discovers ways to take her story to the people there. Gonzalez has taken her story to local hangout places and workplaces.

“I have worked several jobs outside of New City Church to supplement my fund-raising [as a Mission Service Corps missionary]. These jobs have allowed me to become really close friends with those whose life stories look much different from mine and have allowed me to share my story with them. I’m so thankful for their friendships and that our stories are currently overlapping.”

Last summer, Gonzalez started a morning workout group for women in a local park. “This allowed a way to connect with believers and nonbelievers who were looking for a place to work out and for an encouraging community of other women. We would work out and then, during our cool down and stretching time, we would encourage one another and talk about our week. It was a safe place to share struggles and hard things that we were going through.”

Pray for Gonzalez to continue to find places to share her story and God’s story. Pray for the people she meets to hear and understand how God can be a part of their story, too.

Sharon Neff is living out God’s story in her life in the town of Arcola in the Mississippi Delta.

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