Spiritual Change Can Start at Home

city lights of Salt Lake City

Seven years ago, Adam and Paige Madden moved to the Salt Lake City metro after growing up and serving churches in the Midwest. It was a definite change in scenery. While the mountains of Utah are beautiful, the dismal spiritual landscape is where these North American Mission Board church planters are hoping to see change.

Much of the area is steeped in Mormonism, and less than 3% of the population of northern Utah claims to believe the gospel. The Maddens are part of a church-planting effort called Christ Fellowship, and as the executive director of the Golden Spike Baptist Network, Adam is seeking to see more churches planted.

In church planting, changes don’t happen quickly, but the same isn’t true of the Maddens’ family life.

“A couple years ago, our family experienced a pretty significant transition. We went from a family of 7 to 11 in 1 year,” Paige said.

Two months after having their sixth child, the Maddens heard the story of a 9-year-old boy who was being placed for readoption. Within 48 hours, they welcomed him into their home and life. Six months later, a similar scenario unfolded with a sibling group of 2, and the Madden family swelled from 9 to 11.

But why would this family go through so much transition in such a short span of time?

“In the state of Utah, if children are adopted, they have a 97–98% chance of being adopted into a family who does not know Jesus as Lord. It is our humble hope to saturate our kids’ lives with the gospel of Christ and to encourage other believers to do the same,” Paige said.

As you pray for the Maddens, pray for good soil, more laborers, and their family to reflect the gospel.

Ena Redding* may soon be experiencing a change in scenery as she prepares to exchange the South’s sweltering humidity for the desert of the Middle East.

*Name changed.

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