Showing Unconditional Love in Difficult Circumstances

Unconditional Love sign

“God loves us unconditionally and wants us to love others unconditionally,” said missionary Mark Busby, who has been planting churches in Tokyo, Japan, for 14 years.

But he and his wife, Mie, can attest that showing unconditional love in difficult circumstances is a challenge.

After a large Christmas outreach with their current church plant, the Busbys decided it was time to move on to the next chapter in their ministry. However, when they shared with the Japanese pastor what God had been teaching them, he was not pleased. In fact, the pastor asked the Busbys to leave immediately.

Surprised and hurt by the pastor’s response, they forgave him. Showing God’s unconditional love in a hurtful situation was difficult, especially when they had felt God’s leadership in the beginning. It was not the way the Busbys wanted to leave a church plant, but the pastor left them no choice.

They had no idea what to do next but to pray and trust God to lead. God led them to a group of young Japanese church planters who were starting a church 2 train stops away from their house. Although the Busbys had never met the young church planters until they were asked to leave their church, this was where God led them. Since then, they have been able to be a part of ordaining the pastor of the new church plant.

By focusing on God’s unconditional love and moving on, they have helped a new church and restored the relationship with the pastor of their former church plant. Now both church plants are growing and bearing more fruit.

“We give thanks that God works everything to the best for those who are called, even the really painful and confusing things,” Mark said.

Virginia Kreimeyer is a freelance writer in Texas.

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