Share Who You Are by What You Share

sharing over coffee

When people ask you to share a little about yourself, are you inclined to begin by describing the different hats you wear: mentor, mother, teacher, or the like? Some titles indicate relationships we have formed, while others describe a status. For Ross and Shirley Mackin, sharing who they are means living out their Christian faith in their relationships. The Mackins, International Mission Board church planters in Thailand, are active in sharing who they are by what they share with the people around them.

On one occasion, the couple went to see a woman named Rose* at her chicken and rice stand on the main road where Ross had once distributed tracts. But Rose was not there. She had pointed out to Ross the direction where she lived, so Ross and Shirley decided to drive that way, hoping they might spot Rose outside her house. As the couple were driving, they saw Rose in her garden. God had led them to her, and they were able to follow up with some good conversations.

Sharing who you are does not always mean people will accept the message you share or take that next step from believing in Jesus to accepting Him as their personal Savior. “[People in Thailand] are usually afraid of persecution or they don’t want to be the only Christian in the midst of Buddhists. They are bound by tradition and believe they have to stay Buddhist to take care of their ancestor’s bones. It is sad to see a person not accept the free gift of forgiveness of sins and receive eternal life,” Shirley said.

She encourages women to be bold in sharing who they are. “Do not be afraid to witness to your non-Christian friends at work or in your neighborhood. Ask the Lord for boldness and zeal.”

Once you share who you are with those around you, trust the Lord to do the rest, just as Ross and Shirley are praying God’s Word will grow in Rose’s heart. Share who you are boldly and consistently in the relationships God has given you. Tell others about the relationship you have with Christ and the status of being a forgiven child of God.

Ena Redding* is praying for boldness as she prepares to share who she is in Christ in a new setting.

*Names changed.

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