Serving in Ghana, Where God Is Faithful

Ghana cityscape

For the past 2 years, the West African country of Ghana has been home to International Mission Board missionaries Alan and Beth Locke. The previous 18 years, they had called South Africa home. Not only has their ministry location changed but so has their ministry assignment.

In South Africa, the Lockes planted churches. In Ghana, Alan’s job description includes doing research on unreached people groups and leadership training with Ghana Baptist Convention churches.      

Because so many Ghanaians cannot read, Alan teaches rural pastors how to use Bible stories in sharing their personal testimony for evangelism and discipleship. In a recent training, Alan challenged them to share their testimony at least twice before the 3-day training ended. On the third day when Alan asked who had shared, only 2 pastors raised their hands. The first man said he had shared once and the person he talked to was already saved. The second man said the person with whom he shared accepted Christ. “He was the only man in the group who could not read, but he was also the only man God used to lead someone to Christ,” Alan said.

Thanks to gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions, Alan has a reliable vehicle to use as he travels throughout Ghana training leaders who then disciple church members. The offering also allows Beth and Alan to attend meetings with other missionaries for fellowship, encouragement, training, and spiritual growth.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Beth as she learns the Twi language. Pray for “listening ears,” as learning the intonation is critical in communicating.
  • Pray new believers in Ghana would grow strong in their faith and be accepted by local Christians and for someone to disciple them.
  • Pray for a church in the United States to partner with the Lockes to reach the Kally* in Ghana.
  • Pray for the Ligbi, an unreached Muslim people of Ghana. Recently 2 key Ghanaian leaders met to develop a strategy for reaching them.

*Name changed.

Charlotte Watson lives in Georgetown, Texas, where she loves to learn about missionaries and where they serve so she can pray for them more specifically.

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