Serve Hot Drinks and Pour Your Life into Others

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Christmas is a hectic time of year, but who wouldn’t enjoy the opportunity to sit for a few minutes and sip a cup of hot cocoa or apple cider? Host a Christmas drink booth in your community, and literally pour your life (and God’s unconditional love) into others!

Sip and Share Booth

What: Offer free seasonal hot drinks.

When: Schedule the booth on a weekend before Christmas when families and individuals will be out enjoying holiday events or completing seasonal errands. Plan the booth to take place before your church’s Christmas program.

Where: Set up the booth at a mall or shopping district, a craft bazaar, or a local Christmas parade.

Why: Share God’s love, the free gift He gave, and the invitation to know Him, as well as an invitation to your church’s upcoming Christmas program.

How: Take the reins yourself and organize the event, or ask others to assist you with different planning needs for the booth.

Who: Enlist both male and female volunteers to host the booth and interact with visitors. Consider inviting helpers from different age groups to connect with younger and older guests.

Sip and Share Specifics

  1. Once the date and venue for the booth is selected, secure permission from the shopping mall, bazaar organizers, or parade committee. Ensure you have proper permits, including food-handling permits.
  2. Meet with volunteers to pray, plan, make supply lists, and practice simply sharing the gospel when visitors ask, “Why is this free?”
  3. Print invitations to your church’s Christmas program. Include directions to your church, regular meeting times, and a contact number or email for questions.
  4. Purchase supplies or gather donations for the booth. Suggested items include a large table, folding chairs, hot cocoa and apple cider drink packets, water, cups, spoons, napkins, pots for heating water, a power strip, extension cords, and duct tape to secure cords.
  5. Collect decorations, including a tablecloth, lights, and battery-powered candles. Plan Christmas-themed décor with nonsecular decorations. Display a favorite Nativity set, or purchase one from WorldCrafts. Include a Bible and picture Bible opened to the Christmas story.
  6. Arrive early with your team to arrange the booth. Include extra chairs so visitors can relax and chat. Station some volunteers to serve hot drinks and others to connect with visitors. Keep the tone casual yet intentional. Be ready to share about God’s gift and invite visitors to know Him. Distribute invitations to your church’s Christmas program.

After the Event

  • Be good stewards, and completely clean the area where the booth was hosted.
  • Visit with team members, and evaluate the project.
  • Pray for guests who visited the booth. If contact information was gathered, personally follow up with those individuals.

Angie Quantrell writes from the Pacific Northwest, where she loves nothing better than to sip hot drinks and share life with others around her.

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