Praying for May*

“May’s mother called from another province, saying that May had an evil spirit inside her and asking if I would go see her immediately,” Helen Caldwell shared. “Due to the fact that May was recuperating from surgery, I interpreted that to mean that May was feverous—an infection from the surgery, perhaps.”

Caldwell grabbed the thermometer, dropped her schedule, and drove into town. Thinking this wouldn’t take long—assuming she’d take May to a doctor—she went alone. “When I get to May’s neighborhood, I begin to get nervous—abandoned and semiabandoned buildings, trash everywhere, teenagers standing aimlessly around. But I park the car, go in the house, and call for May. No answer. Now I am really nervous.”

An upstairs door opened, and a young man called out, saying May was upstairs. Caldwell found May silently lying on the floor, her eyes closed. “I speak to her—no response. I ask the man what is wrong, and he says, ‘She has an evil spirit inside her.’ I’m still assuming she has a fever, so out comes my thermometer. Getting May’s temperature is difficult, but she finally opens her mouth enough—perfectly normal results. Now I am beginning to catch on.”

But again Caldwell asked the young man what was wrong with May, and he repeated very slowly, “She has an evil spirit.” Caldwell shared, “I finally get it—2 thoughts: She has an evil spirit! And . . . I am here all by myself! What in the world should I do? Since this isn’t a common occurrence, I start talking to Jesus and to May.”

The evil spirit’s influence left May. “To make a long story short, May sat up, spoke, and came home to stay overnight with my family,” Caldwell shared. “She and I met together for prayer and Bible study twice, but then she dropped out of school and disappeared. She recently turned up living with her mother [who adamantly opposes Christ] several hundred miles away.”

Join Caldwell and husband Mark, who have been in Thailand 30 years, in praying for May. Ask that she would find her way back to Christ.

*Name changed.

Shelli Littleton lives in Royse City, Texas, and blogs at

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