Pray for Missionary Families as You Pray for Your Family

silhouette of a family of six

Families around the globe have a lot of similarities. As you pray for your family members and situations, take a moment to pray for missionary families because they are experiencing the same things: meal preparation, laundry, schooling, illness, discipline, and sharing the good news.

A lot of moms on the missions field get discouraged and give up on ministry outside the home because of the logistics and situations with their children. But Jeanette Blankenship* feels compelled to speak truth into the lostness around her as she and her husband, Sonny*, serve among South Asian Peoples.

“What if I don’t extend hospitality or leave my house? How will they hear?” asks the mom of 4 children ranging from 4 to 12 years of age.

Jeanette and Sonny are learning to juggle the responsibilities of parenting, embrace the stages of childhood, manage their home, and find creative ways to build relationships and minister. When the children were babies, Jeanette implemented the “nap time ministry.” During the children’s naps, she would pray and share the good news with women.

Another struggle the Blankenships sometimes deal with is when their children misbehave in public. The reaction and steps taken to discipline can create a cultural muddle. There is a need for quick thinking and language finesse to navigate the situation so it does not become complicated.

Pray for Jeanette and Sonny to be bold in sharing the gospel and for their children to thrive. Pray for all their coworkers and opportunities to share the good news.

*Names changed.  

Laura Lee Leathers lives in central Mississippi. She wants to know God more and make Him known through writing endeavors.


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