Open Up Your Heart, Home, and Table to the Invisible

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There are those in our communities who are known by everyone—the politician, the athlete, the favorite teacher, etc. Then, there are those in every community who are often overlooked and invisible to most. Who is it in your community? The single mother struggling to raise 3 kids on her own? The lonely widower next door? The homeless man at the busy intersection? The family who just moved into town and doesn’t know anyone?

Jesus often noticed the invisible—the woman by the well, the tax collector perched in a tree, the woman plagued by sickness who simply touched His cloak. He knew how to engage, love, and care for those whom society ignored.

See the Invisible

How can we engage the invisible? First, we need to see them. Ask God to show you and give you compassion for those around you. Don’t just look in your circle of work, school, and church friends. Look beyond for the invisible ones around you who need God’s love.

Invite the Invisible

When was the last time someone invited you into her home and made you a home-cooked meal? How did it make you feel? When someone invites you into her home, it says she truly cares to know you. It is such a simple way to spend time with someone yet an almost unheard of thing to do in our current culture.

Feed the Invisible

Once the person or people have agreed to come to your home, go the extra mile. Be sure to ask about any food allergies or dislikes they may have. Also, plan your time well so you can actually spend time talking with the person instead of last-minute cooking in the kitchen when he or she arrives. Preparing any desserts, breads, sauces, or drinks the night before can save time. Not a cook? Consider a slow cooker meal or pick up a premade meal from your local grocery store.

Talk to the Invisible

Talking with someone you do not know very well can be both awkward and draining. Think ahead of time about topics you may have in common to discuss—sports teams, community events, a hobby, children or grandchildren. Also, be sensitive to and avoid any topics that may be difficult or painful for the person to talk about. Use open-ended questions rather than questions that can be answered with yes or no. In our world of computers and smartphones, we often do not take the time to just visit with others.

Engage the Invisible for God

As you get to know your guest better, begin to turn your conversation to spiritual things. You could talk about an event you are attending that weekend at your church or a ministry you are involved in. You could also share how God helped you through a recent problem or answered a prayer request. Whichever way you express your faith, be authentic and honest.

Are you ready to engage others for Christ? Open up your heart, home, and table to the invisible in your community today!

Laci Post writes articles and historical fiction from Dallas, Georgia, where she lives with her husband, Jason, and sons, Avery and Elijah.             

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