Missionary Spotlight Update: Week of Prayer for North American Missions missionaries

It’s in our DNA as Southern Baptists to pull together as a community of believers and spread the gospel.

In the 1880s, Annie Armstrong pioneered the Maryland Mission Rooms, a missions literature library that detailed and circulated information regarding vital needs on the missions field. Armstrong called for women’s groups throughout the United States to pool their “egg money” and prayers for missions. Women knew that by combining their efforts, they could make an impact.

It might be 2018, but the goal remains the same. The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering enables North American missionaries to plant new churches, care for those in the community, and reach the lost all across the United States, Canada, and their territories. It is one of the most unique cooperative offerings in that 100% of the gifts go to support and equip missionaries.

Your gifts help minister to refugees in Clarkston, Georgia, and plant new churches in Las Vegas. Your financial support helped a missionary baptize his mother and many classmates when he returned to his hometown to start a church. You helped provide a solid foundation for community engagement in New York City.

We can’t all go, but we can give together. For more information on how to give, go to AnnieArmstrong.com.

The Week of Prayer for North American Missions was featured in the March 2018 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight.

Sue Sprenkle, a former International Mission Board missionary, is a professor of digital media in Kansas.

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