Missionary Spotlight Update: Nancy Potter*

Missionary Nancy Potter serves in Southeast Asia

Missionary Nancy Potter often sees God-sized miracles as she serves in Southeast Asia. “Oftentimes something that seems so simple becomes much more complicated on the mission field,” she says. An encounter with a female monkey she hoped would become a pet became the backdrop for a miracle. The monkey attacked Nancy and bit her hand. She wrestled with the monkey until it finally let go. Nancy called her husband, who returned to the house with backup to take away the monkey.

The doctor who treated Nancy prescribed a costly antiviral medication that had to be ordered. The day the medicine arrived, Nancy, a nurse, got a phone call from a friend urging her to check on a woman in a refugee camp who was very ill with a high fever.

Nancy picked up the prescription on her way to see the woman. Arriving at the camp, Nancy found a mother of 3 lying in her bamboo hut with a worried husband next to her. “She had shingles, a viral infection, all over her skin. Her fever was so high I could feel the heat before entering her hut.” Quickly, Nancy realized her medication was exactly what the woman needed. Nancy gave the woman the medicine and thanked God for the opportunity to be a part of a miracle, not from her but Him.

Nancy Potter is featured in the February 2020 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight article.

*Name changed.

Charlotte Watson is a freelance writer living in Georgetown, Texas.

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