Missionary Spotlight Update: Jamie Thompson

As you read about Jamie Thompson and his ministry in Garfield Park, a community in Chicago, you probably had some questions about the logistics of this ministry. As an outreach of Reborn Community Church, Reborn Ministries works to “transform the lives of impoverished people in Garfield Park.” The strategy is to empower adults, youth, and children by leading them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and helping them become self-sufficient by developing skills for healthy living.

Here are Reborn Ministries outreach programs:

  1. Overflow Community Coffee—By providing a place for people to meet over a cup of coffee, this program encourages openness in building relationships among the community.
  2. Free in Christ Recovery—This program provides education and support for families dealing with addiction.
  3. Faith & Finances—This program teaches basic financial skills so those with little income can make the best use of their money.
  4. Flourish Tutoring—In partnership with a local elementary school, this program provides tutoring and in-school educational support.
  5. After School Club—This program provides a loving, fun, safe place for children and youth to spend time after school while being given emotional support and spiritual leadership.

Learn more at Reborn-Ministries.org.

Jamie Thompson is featured, along with wife Andrea, in the August 2019 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight article.

Sammie Jo Barstow loved learning about Reborn Ministries!

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