Missionary Spotlight Update: Eric and Julie Maroney


Relationships are everything in Croatia. It takes years of living through the good and bad together to create a certain level of trust. Eric and Julie Maroney are ready to live through some of the good.

Soon after filling out the WMU questionnaire for the story about their family in the April issue of Missions Mosaic, Julie was diagnosed with cancer. It was not a convenient time for the diagnosis—the Maroneys were leaving their eldest child, Nathan, in the United States at college after 19 years of living in Croatia with the International Mission Board (IMB). The diagnosis brought their active lifestyle to a standstill.

After a year of cancer treatments in the States, Julie received the “all-clear” to return home to her neighbors and friends. Eric, Julie, and daughter Kayleigh didn’t just pick up where they left off; they entered Croatia running to keep up.

“It’s been hectic getting back,” Eric conceded. Just a few months ago, Julie was still getting radiation therapy. However, the family dove right into hosting 2 camps, Vacation Bible School, and volunteer missions teams.

The family may have gone through a trauma, but its goal is the same—building relationships in order to share the love of Jesus Christ.

“The greatest need in Croatia is for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” Eric said.

Pray for a spiritual hunger among Croatians. With the family’s brush with cancer, its fire to share Christ burns brighter than ever before.

Eric and Julie Maroney are featured in the April 2018 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight.

Sue Sprenkle spent decades traveling the world for the IMB as a missionary writer/photographer. Now, she leads a quiet life as a digital media professor in Kansas.

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