Missionary Spotlight Update: Bronson and Anna Parker*

“I made one trip to Gate-Town to do a training,” Bronson Parker shared. “All went well, but we received notice that I am not allowed to travel on the river to any of the communities.” Because Marcus*—president of the association in Gate-Town—remains in power, little has changed in the modern-day Wild West atmosphere of the Amazon Basin.

Losing his only source of income, Pedro* was forced to quit his teaching job. “But God is good and is providing for Pedro,” Parker said. “He and his family came to live with us for 3 months. We were able to disciple them further in the faith.”

Since then, Pedro has started 3 weekly ministries: a children’s ministry in Gate-Town; a discipleship group with 2 families in Gate-Town, who are forming into a church; and a ministry with the lost in his home village, Village 7, where he has been sharing Bible stories. “Many are listening, and we believe some will come into the kingdom soon,” Parker reported.

Pray for Pedro and his family’s economic situation. “We are currently exploring options for various income streams. Pedro has a gift of drawing and making crafts—oars and other wood-working—to earn money, along with fishing and working in the fields.”

Bronson and Anna Parker are featured in the February 2018 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight.

*Names changed.

Shelli Littleton lives near Rockwall, Texas, and blogs at ShelliLittleton.com.

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