Missionary Spotlight Update: Brian and Heidi Frye

Because there are so few activities targeting children of collegiate church planters, they are immersed in church-planting events alongside their parents. “Children spend far more time learning the gospel and seeing it work in the lives of college students who come to their homes, teach them on Sunday mornings, and who babysit as their parents lead, teach, disciple, and mentor,” explained Brian Frye, collegiate evangelism strategist in Ohio. The end result is a life-changing experience for them. “It is very normal for children of collegiate church planters to say, ‘I want to plant collegiate churches when I grow up.’”

Ministry/Witnessing Tools

Below are examples of ways Frye and his wife, Heidi, successfully plant collegiate churches in Ohio:

  • Soularium engages people in conversation about their lives and the gospel through random connection with strangers or by setting up a table or booth on a campus.
  • Alpha Course brings people into homes where the gospel is effectively presented and further explained over the course of a semester.
  • House parties are hosted by collegiate church members in their homes to create community to share the gospel with people in a fun, relaxed environment.

Contact Frye at bfrye@namb.net or visit CollegiateCollective.com for more information.

Brian and Heidi Frye are featured in the November 2017 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight.

Terri Staines writes from Ray City, Georgia.

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