Missionary Spotlight Update: Brian and Mandy Davis

worshipers at an Orthodox church in Bulgaria

Mandy Davis says in Bulgaria, where she and her husband, Brian, serve as IMB missionaries, 99% of people haven’t read the Bible for themselves, even if they call themselves Orthodox Christians.

“The Orthodox Church has taught that the average person cannot read the Bible on their own and that only priests and those with theological training should ever attempt to read the Bible,” she said. “It is considered dangerous. Because of this teaching, people are often afraid to read the Bible for themselves.”

But she and Brian believe the Bible has the power to change hearts, so they’re working to change that statistic. Two years ago, their team met 3 women who had a desire for community and a slight spiritual interest.

“They had never read or studied the Bible before,” Mandy said. “One of the ladies had practiced Buddhism, one was a cultural Orthodox Christian, and one was an atheist, but they were spiritually starving and wanted to know more.”

So Mandy and her teammates started walking through the Gospel of John with them, teaching them how to interpret and apply what they were reading. Now, they are still meeting almost weekly, plus having playdates for their children and sharing meals and coffee.

“Two of them are now our sisters in Christ and the other is still ‘counting the cost’ of following Christ,” Mandy said. “She now believes the Bible is true but has yet to place her full trust in Christ as her Savior.”

Brian and Mandy Davis are featured as part of the Week of Prayer for International Missions in the December 2019 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight.

Grace Thornton is a freelance writer based in Birmingham, Alabama, who writes for a variety of Baptist publications.

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