Full Heart vs. Watch and Calendar

Tim and Tina Louderback

Tim and Tina Louderback, who have served in Panama for a decade, believe that sharing the gospel and pursuing relationships go hand in hand—in their personal lives and in their ministry.

“The most effective way to pursue relationships is simply to live life among those with whom you are ministering and those whom you are ministering to. Being authentic and loving with those around you builds trust and relationships,” Tina said.

“Before I moved overseas, my life was very dictated by my watch and my calendar. In fact, my friends who knew me back then often laugh at how out of my comfort zone Latin living is! Opening my heart and being willing to learn the importance of putting people and relationships above my to-do list has been a challenging but rewarding lesson,” she said. “I get a lot less done than I used to, but my relationships are deeper and stronger and my heart is full.”

Attending a local Bible study with women from all walks of life and hosting a middle school Bible study on Friday nights provide other opportunities for developing relationships and sharing Christ.

Doing life in Panama, Tina and Tim have built strong relationships with local Panamanian pastors/church planters who serve their communities through different ministries, including local schools, community events, homeless centers, orphanages, after-school clubs, English as a second language clubs, and prayerwalking.

Short-term missions teams from the United States partner in these ministries through Americas Connect, a program that focuses on connecting and equipping national and US churches with entry-level ministry opportunities in Central America and the Caribbean.

“Each day that a team is here in Panama, we partner with a different local ministry that is run by a local Panamanian church planter and/or church,” Tina explained. “We also provide training to the USA teams so that they get a strong basis in missions and [discover] how they can go further with missions in the world.”

The Louderbacks have shared ministry with their 4 children: Trinity and Noah, who are now attending college in the US, and Gracie Lynn and Eden, who still reside at home.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the US teams that go to Panama through Americas Connect.
  • Ask the Lord to open the hearts of missions team volunteers to the many ways they can share the gospel throughout the world.
  • Ask God to encourage and strengthen the local ministries through the US teams.

Georgia Herod has responded to God’s call to use her interests and expertise in editing and writing in this season of life.


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