Be Strong: A VBS/Sports Camp for the Children around the Corner

happy children on grass with balls looking at camera

Have you ever thought, “Those children at the apartment complex (or mobile home park or migrant camp) really need to learn about God’s love”? If you’ve been unsuccessful in getting the children to come to your church, then you could go to them. How about hosting a Vacation Bible School (VBS)/sports camp? Make plans, put up some publicity flyers, and visit each family to invite school-age children.

What Is the Theme?

Be Strong. Focus on heroes the children can look up to. Consider whether basketball or soccer would work better for your sports emphasis.

How Do You Organize?

Divide the children into teams with animal names: tigers, wildcats, etc. Enlist youth and men to be coaches to take the campers from place to place and assist in the sports activities. Call on others to be sports specialists to work on skills such as dribbling, free throw shooting, etc.

How Many Volunteers Do You Need?

  • 2 coaches for each team (Coaches stay with their team all day and help in activities.)
  • 6 or more sports specialists (They work with the campers on their sports skills on a rotating basis during skills time and serve as officials during scrimmage time.)
  • 1 or more Bible story specialists
  • 3 or more snack specialists
  • 1 or more music specialists to lead and accompany the campers in song
  • 1 or more worship leaders
  • Inspirational speakers (Ask Christian coaches and players from nearby schools to share how their relationship with God has made a difference in their lives.)

What Is the Schedule?

For a 3-hour morning camp, follow this suggested schedule. Adapt to suit your situation.

9:00–9:15—To open each day, display Ephesians 6:10 and “Be Strong in the Lord.” Lead the campers in reading the Bible verse and singing the song. Make announcements and pray.

9:20–9:40—Bible story time

9:45–10:30—Sports skill rotations: Campers spend about 10 minutes working on each skill with a sports specialist and then move to the next specialist. Remember to provide water.

10:35–10:45—Music Time: Sing lively songs with motions.

10:50–11:10—Snack time: With all the activity, serve something substantial. Remember to accommodate those with food allergies.

11:15–11:35—Scrimmage time: Let 2 teams play a game.

11:40–12:00—Local heroes tell campers about their relationship with God.

What Bible Stories Should You Use?

Tell about people who followed God to accomplish amazing deeds: Noah, Moses, David, Esther, Peter, and Jesus, the ultimate Hero who died and rose again for our salvation.

How about an Evangelistic Emphasis?

On the day you tell about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, give campers an opportunity to respond and trust Jesus.

What if You Prefer a More Traditional VBS Plan?

Check out WMU’s Tell the Story: Bible Storying for Kids. It is available in both print and digital versions at

If Kay Rollings could come to your VBS/sports camp, she would like to be the Bible story specialist.



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