“Race” to Reach Your Community with a Missional Scavenger Hunt

In The Amazing Race, competing teams travel around the world to complete challenges in their pursuit of the $1 million grand prize. Plan an Amazing Race–style scavenger hunt to energize your missions group and reach out to your community.

Divide your group into teams (3–5 people is ideal). Give each team a list of challenges to complete within the time frame of the game. Teams should start with the required task and then choose which optional ones they will complete. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner (recognize the winning team at a church service or with a small prize).

Ready, set, go! Blow a whistle to send teams on their way. Play music to create a race day atmosphere.

Mission Scavenger Hunt

Assign 1 person to be the scorekeeper for the game. Instruct each team to select a team member to serve as reporter and send a photo of the team completing each challenge to the scorekeeper. Distribute the scorekeeper’s contact information (mobile number, email, Facebook messenger, etc.) to reporters.

Teams receive points based on the challenges they complete. Tasks within each category may be repeated (for example, a team can earn 8,000 points if 4 team members pump gas for 4 different people). The scorekeeper totals points at the end of the game to determine the winner.

Mandatory Challenge

A photo of the team

500 bonus points for any of the following:

  • A poster or sign with a team name
  • Using Christian imagery (cross, dove, Bible, etc.)
  • Incorporating a community landmark

Optional Challenges

1,000-point items

  • Team member hugging a stranger
  • Team singing a song (like “Jesus Loves Me”) to a clerk at a local store
  • Team distributing candy or gum to strangers
  • Team engaging in a “10-minute tidy-up” at a local park

2,000-point items

  • Team member pumping gas for a stranger
  • Team member or team praying with a local government official (mayor, council member, county commissioner, etc.)
  • Team member inviting someone to church
  • Team member praying with a stranger
  • Team member purchasing lunch for someone at a local fast-food restaurant

5,000-point items

  • Team raking leaves/cleaning the yard at someone’s home
  • Team sweeping a porch, sidewalk, or driveway at someone’s home
  • Team stocking shelves at a food pantry
  • Team distributing water bottles at a sporting event or park
  • Team clearing tables at a local fast-food restaurant
  • Team visiting with an ailing church member or neighbor (1,000 bonus points for bringing a gift book or appropriate treat)
  • Team delivering a treat to a recent visitor to church and an invitation to come again

8,000-point items

Team assembling gift bags for 1 of the following groups:

  • Public safety officials
  • Nursing home residents
  • Homeless shelter residents
  • Crisis pregnancy center clients

(2,000 bonus points for delivering the bags)

Prior to the start of the game, remind group members that the goal is to have fun and represent your church or missions group positively in the community. Every encounter is an opportunity to invite someone to church, share the gospel, or just make another person smile. Pray teams would recognize open doors to deeper conversations about Jesus.

Remember the bigger picture: winning a scavenger hunt is fun, but winning a soul to Christ is a much greater prize.

Carrie Brown McWhorter loves games of all kinds and writes about her family’s adventures at CarrieBrownMcWhorter.com.

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