Group Styles

Adults on Mission functions primarily through informal small groups whose members seek to accomplish God’s missions purpose in the world. While Adults on Mission groups relate to all of the WMU objectives, one or more of the objectives may be chosen as a special focus of a group.

Adults on Mission groups usually exist for one year. At the end of the year, group members determine if the group will continue and/or have the same objective. If continued, then group members have the option of continuing or selecting a different group in which to participate.

The meetings and activities of Adults on Mission groups can take on many forms depending on the audience or target group. Groups may choose a group name, which helps identify the group, especially when there is more than one Adults on Mission group in a church.

Key Elements of Adults on Mission

  • Project-oriented
  • Missions ministry based
  • Combination of learning and doing
  • Not focused on meetings. Meetings are only the starting point
  • Flexible—times and frequencies of meetings and projects are determined by the members’ plans to meet the needs of people and spread the gospel
  • Engaging and experiential 
  • Team based with all using their gifts as they work together—men and women, young and old

With guidance from the Lord, the possibilities for Adults on Mission are endless!

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