Missions Plan Book 2019-20 Teaching Materials

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For multicultural congregations, small churches, and Adults on Mission, Missions Plan Book offers a full year of ministry ideas for your church’s growing involvement in missions. Includes monthly Bible studies, prayer requests from missionaries, and more, all in Basic English.

Here are teaching materials for each month’s lesson plans as explained in Missions Plan Book 2019–20.

July 2020

SBC Chart (How Is the SCB Organized?)Japanese Recipes

March, April, May, and June 2020

These four months do not require additional teaching helps beyond those listed in the "Meeting Plan" suggestions on pages 83, 90, 97, and 109 of Missions Plan Book 2019–20.

February 2020

Family heart shapesother heart shapesCharacteristicsmap of CambodiaGroup Assignments

January 2020

Listening GuidePrayer Requests bookmark

December 2019

Jonah's Roundabout JourneyPuppet Script (or present without puppets) • Rohingya Worksheet

Note: To find instructions for making hand puppets, enter how to make hand puppets in your search engine. Or, instead of using puppets, participants can play the parts--as people!

November 2019

My IdolsHelping Foster Families

October 2019

PrayThe Hats a Director of Missions Wears

September 2019

Pride  •  map of Edom  •  What the Woods Family Does



Missions Plan Book 2018–19 Teaching Materials

Note: Meeting plans for July and August units in Missions Plan Book 2018-19 do not require any downloadable teaching materials.

June 2019

Easy South Asian Recipes  •  Muslim Beliefs  •  Facts about South Asia

Note: Meeting plans for March, April, and May units in Missions Plan Book 2018-19 do not require any downloadable teaching materials.

February 2019

Easy or Hard?

January 2019

Focusing on Jesus

December 2018

Cause and Effect Match Up  •  Refugees: To and From Flags

November 2018

Words to "Glorious Day"2 Peter 3interview with Lorna Bius

October 2018

Heart jigsaw puzzlesConversation between Abraham and GodListening GuideSuggested answers to Listening Guide

September 2018

Definitions / CharacterWorksheet: Listening to GodAnswers to worksheetMissionaries A–Z



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