This Year in Acteens

In the 2016–2017 church year, WMU® will begin focusing on a new emphasis: By All Means. This emphasis, based upon the words of Paul found in 1 Corinthians 9, will provide the framework for all of the curriculum and programming for the next two years.

The 2016–2017 curriculum focus will take Acteens® back to the basics of the gospel and provide them with an overview of the redemptive story of God from creation, to the fall of humanity, to the provision of God in the death of Christ, and finally to the call Christ issues to go and tell others these very important truths. In this postmodern world where truth is often watered down or non-existent, helping Acteens understand the foundational truths of Scripture is essential.

Throughout this year, Acteens will have the opportunity to not only think about what Christ has done for them but to also examine their lives to determine if they are living like Christ, loving like Christ, and sharing the truth of Christ’s forgiveness.

The command of Christ found in Matthew 28:19–20 to “go and make disciples” is still a command to all believers. Helping Acteens internalize this command and then view it as a personal call to go and share the gospel is part of what you as a leader will have the privilege to focus on this year. Acteens will grow in their walk with Christ as they begin to grasp what it means to live their lives in such a way that by all means they might lead others to begin their own faith journeys as a believers.


Monthly Topics

September 2016: God as Creator
October 2016: The Plot Thickens
November 2016: God’s Response

December 2016: The Perfect Plan
January 2017: Who Is this Messiah?
February 2017: The Story Continues

March 2017: Now What? The Church Is Born
April 2017: Following Jesus’ Lead
May 2017: Step into the World Around You

June 2017: Develop Relationships
July 2017: Love Like Jesus Loved
August 2017: By All Means


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