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Reflections on Time Well Spent

This month, several of our staff members traveled to the WMU Annual Meeting and Southern Baptist Convention held in Dallas, Texas. For months before the event, we’ve planned, created, imagined, written, put items together, and taken them apart to be packed. We built a hut and pushcart, learned to play mancala, wrote speeches, coordinated missionary speakers, and designed conferences. We’ve made reservations, determined schedules, planned meals, tweaked those schedules, and planned events. We’ve counted supplies and tried to run through every possible scenario imaginable to make sure we are more than prepared.

With all of that preparation, you’d think I was ready for anything. I do have to confess I was not prepared for how a handful of little girls made me feel Monday at the WMU booth on the exhibit floor of the Southern Baptist Convention.

WMU Annual Meeting 2018

WMU Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting

Dallas, Texas

June 10–11, 2018



How would you describe your missional journey with God? Is it your Unshakable Pursuit to know Him more, show His love unconditionally, and make disciples who make disciples?

WMU Annual Meeting 2018 - Schedule

Sunday, June 10
Eddie Deen's Ranch
3:00 p.m.

WMU Missions Celebration—General Session
The Unshakable Pursuit of Fun



President’s Address (Part 1)—Linda Cooper, national WMU

A & K and C& S, IMB—Interview conducted by Tamiko Jones, WMU of Texas

WMU Annual Meeting 2018 - Featured Speakers

Field Personnel

Kempton and Caryn Turner, church planters in East St. Louis, Illinois (NAMB)

Missouri native Kempton Turner and his wife, Caryn, have dedicated their lives to helping restore hope in East St. Louis, an area known for gangs, drugs, and staggeringly high murder rates. Their church plant, City of Joy Fellowship, focuses its ministry on the tough inner city where Kempton endured his own struggles growing up. City of Joy reaches out with Christ’s love. They help neighbors renovate homes, train youth, and participate in monthly outreach activities.

WMU Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting 2018 - FAQs

We hope you will join us in Dallas, Texas, June 10–11, 2018! You’ll be inspired, challenged, and equipped in your missional journey during this two-day event.

Below are answers to questions you may have:

Is preregistration required? Is there a registration fee?
Preregistration is required to attend on Sunday. Your registration fee of $34* includes:

  • Sunday—Texas-style BBQ dinner with all the trimmings
  • Monday—Ticket to NAMB’s Send Luncheon, compliments of the North American Mission Board
  • Charter bus transportation on Monday to area ministry sites (optional)

*10% will go to the WMU Foundation for the Vision Fund.


WMU Annual Meeting 2018 - What's in Store

What’s in Store:


Catch a glimpse of the amazing ways God is at work around the world through missions personnel and others at our Missions Celebration! The stage is set for Sunday afternoon at Eddie Deen’s Ranch. Texas charm abounds at this venue located at 944 Lamar Street across the street from the Convention Center.

REGISTER NOW! Pre-registration is required for Sunday and space is limited! Your registration fee of $34* includes:

Why It's Important to Get Together

This week, Baptists from all over the country are getting together to share family news, tell stories, and even share each other’s burdens. They look differently, speak differently, and even have polite disagreements about who has the best barbeque. But still they come. They have a diverse collection of opinions, passions, and dreams for the future. But still there is something that continues to draw them together. What could bring so many different kinds of people together? Despite all the differences, they all share one thing in common: Jesus.

WMU’s Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting and the Southern Baptist Convention are both testaments to this fact. Jesus has a way of bringing us together. Through collective worship, prayer, and service, the love of Jesus binds us together in a common purpose and mission. He loves us, we love Him, and we are committed to sharing that love with the rest of the world. If this love were ever forgotten, there would be no reason to get together. We would let our differences divide us and our own desires drive us far away from one another.

Engage in Missions through WMU

Whether you are seeking to serve in missions personally, as a family, or as a church, we have plenty of exciting options for you! Here are just a few of many ways you can live out of the gospel through WMU:

For You


WMU explores ‘defining moments’ and missions involvement at Missions Celebration

(BIRMINGHAM, Ala.) – April 11, 2017 – Be encouraged to identify those defining moments that affect and inspire your missional journey during the WMU Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting, June 11–12, in Phoenix.

Defining Moments will be a consistent theme of featured missionary speakers, including Kelly and Brandi Parrish, church planters serving with NAMB in Denver; Jacob and Jessica Dahl, church planters serving with NAMB in Washington; and Ross and Dena Frierson, IMB. Focused times of prayer will be led by Carlos Ferrer, executive vice president and chief financial officer NAMB; Edgar Aponte, vice president of mobilization for the International Mission Board; and Ken Weathersby, vice president for convention advancement for the SBC Executive Committee.

WMU Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting--FAQs

City of Phoenix

We hope you will join us June 11–12, 2017 in Phoenix! Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and equipped in your missional walk during this two-day event.


How much does it cost to attend?

The WMU Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting is free of charge. All are welcome.


Do I need to preregister to attend?

Preregistration is not required. On-site registration opens at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 11.


Where will the WMU Missions Celebration take place? How do I get there?

The WMU Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting will be at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel Ballroom. The street address for the hotel is 100 N. 1st Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 85004.


Where should I stay in Phoenix?

You are encouraged to reserve rooms through the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting web site at


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